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“RUN!” is the first solo exhibition in Cyprus by Glasgow-based Andrea Christodoulides, since graduating from the Royal College of Art, London. The drawings, paintings and works on fabric presented are vibrant and colourful, conveying a mysterious atmosphere that invites the viewer to interpret a multilayered and open-ended narrative.

The works echo Christodoulides’ fascination with sci-fi dystopian novels, the breaking of stereotypical coming of age tales, and her desire to imagine worlds where things could be otherwise. She creates by following the cracks of the real, which are approximated and folded onto surfaces that connect the inside and the outside and give texture to anxieties over the current contradictions in society.

The eerie, ‘as that which denotes an absence, either there is something where there shouldn’t be, or something is missing that should have been there’ [Mark Fisher], is always an underlying aesthetic concern for the artist. Spaces like the circus with its clowns and jesters, but also imaginary placeholders for a story of dancers and runners in disarray, which remains unfinished and suspended in time and place, reveal the peculiar appeal possessed by the eerie and the phantasmagorical.

The works are informed by Christodoulides’ experimentation with formal elements, especially colour, shape, line, and pattern, and a working-through of the limits of the canvas and the history of painting.

Evagoras Vanezis,
Art Theorist, Curator

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